About Me

Full name is Mohammad Arafat Hasan Jenin. I was born and raised in Rangpur, Bangladesh. Currently, I am studying Computer Engineering at University.

I think about things, and I like to think. The main duty and purpose of my life is to think and observe. In the events of the universe, I want to play the role of a passive, stoic but conscious outsider spectator. I read books and love to. I am interested in philosophy, history, politics, literature, technology, and psychology. The proximity of the great minds of history found in the pages of the books alienate me from the unjust matsyanyayam social system around me and makes me delighted. I am good at various works— although most of which are unproductive unusable nonprofits useless; in some of them I have medium to high range skills. I have significant skills in some areas of computer engineering. Check out my resume to know more about my professional abilities and skills. In the world of computers, I believe in open source and try to contribute to open-source projects. I am fascinated by the collaborative instincts of people in open-source projects. I dislike self-centered careerism. I live and want to live a minimalist life.